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Ethically Produced Food – What’s on Your Plate?

Do you really know what’s on your plate, and how concerned are you about the ethical and environmental credentials of the food that you are buying? When you go shopping do you buy food because it is eye catching, or because it is on offer, out of habit, or do you even begin to consider where it has come from? There has certainly been a surge of interest in organic and ethically produced food and many of us are already aware of the huge impact that the food we buy has on the environment, but consumers are still faced with a bewildering set of options when it comes to choosing the right produce.

Have you considered the effect on the communities that are responsible for producing the food? Fruit producers in South Africa are leading the way when it comes to responsible food production. TV presenter Jasmine Harman, from A Place in The Sun, went to South Africa to investigate how they ensure that what ends up on the supermarket shelf meets the highest standards of ethnical production. In this video Jasmine takes a snap public poll to find out to what extent people are more likely to look at the big picture when it comes to how their food gets to their plate.

A quick but informative look at ethically produced food and what that actually means for you as a consumer. Gives some good world wide facts but also breaks in down to the local and personal level. For info visit seeds in toronto