High Five! From Cannabis to Compost

July 5, 2011

Don’t these flowers look happy? High quality garden compost can come from the strangest of sources…my friend in the UK shared this with me and I had to pass it along to you:

“A friend of mine does maintenance work around here to a number of rental properties that are owned by some other friends of ours who have tried to make some easy cash from the current credit squeeze. One of these properties was rented out to a very respectable couple whom it was later discovered turned the whole house into a cannabis factory stripping out all the fixtures and fitting and replacing them with banks of heaters and lamps bypassing the electric meter so they could get the huge amount of free power to raise the temperature of the house to reach 40 degrees centigrade.

They got busted and after the police had finished gathering evidence from the house it was left to my friend to return it to it’s former condition for the landlord. Nothing was left except bags and bags of very high quality garden compose which we are all using to fill up our window boxes and planters.”


Funny article about cannabis leading to some great compost for the new owners of the property! Not one to suggest but a funny read none the less. Go to seeds in toronto for more info on organic gardening.