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Since I am by no means an expert in growing food, I have asked my sponsors to contribute posts sharing their expertise. These are by no means going to be a straight up promotion for product. The purpose is to provide you with more information on growing your garden and different solutions.

The following post is from one of my sponsors Thrive.

It’s frustrating to say the least when you spend hours tending to your tomato garden and the tomatoes still aren’t as big and vibrant as they could be. The soil quality will determine your success with each plant, and the more organic material you mix into your soil (versus synthetics) the better the plant will grow!

Chemicals Aren’t the Solution

Most people do not want chemicals anywhere near their garden, family, dinner table, pets or the soil. They do not want exposure to dangerous toxins and once they contaminate the soil they can take years to get rid of. Avoid synthetic fertilizers (use organic or worm castings instead), toxic pesticides, products with high nitrogen content or nitrogen only.

Tips for Planting Tomatoes

  • When you plant tomatoes, select a location that has full sun all day long. If sun can hit the entire plant, it will grow better and fruit will appear sooner.
  • Spacing is also important. We suggest 3 feet by 3 feet, and no closer.
  • Proper air circulation will reduce pest and disease problems.
  • Stimulating and maintaining healthy, biological soil is also a key component. Soil that drains well is preferred, and adding organic microbes such as beneficial bacteria and Mycorrhizal fungi will extend the root systems and increase water and nutrient retention.

Your Options

Some gardeners use organic compost or mulches to accelerate plant growth and help deter insect infestation and disease. Organic Compost and mulches contain the same microbes, but in a dry formula it takes a lot longer for them to get to the roots and they cannot attach to plant surfaces.

We recommend using a liquid organic formula such as compost or manure tea or our THRIVE line of products, which have more microbes and will attach to plant surfaces.

THRIVE is an earth-friendly soil conditioner and root stimulator that’s an all-natural way to give your tomato garden an all-natural boost. Its two main ingredients, microbes and Mychorrhizal Fungi, work together to extend your plant’s roots further into the soil for better drought tolerance and the microbes help convert locked away nutrients to make them available to your plants, naturally. Best of all, it is child and pet friendly with no fear of over-treating.

What have you used and are other options for growing great tomatoes without the chemicals?

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