I have been thinking about worms quite a bit in the past few weeks. This may sound strange but I have been focusing on my vermicomposter. I am completely dependent on mine during winter, as the garden scraps (I use with food scraps) that I would usually use for compost just aren’t enough during the winter months. This is why I love my vermicomposter so much.  I also really like the ideas of all of those worms creating goodness for my organic seeds!

You can buy some great vermicomposters, but I always love to recycle, recycle, recycle and it’s pretty easy to make your own from things you have around the house.


1. You need a plastic (or wooden) container; this could be an old bin for example. You can even use old drawers from furniture but I always need a bit more space than this.

2. You can buy bedding, but things like shredded cardboard, paper or newspaper will totally do the trick. Using some peat moss if you are already using it for your garden is a great tip!

3. Make sure you keep your vermicomposter moist… those little worms need their water!

4. And last but never least… worms! I would recommend red worms as they cope really well with the heat your vermicomposter will generate and really thrive.

So give your organic seeds in Toronto some compost goodness and build a vermicomposter for the winter months!