Sometimes it’s really easy to feel cut off from nature in a city as large as Toronto. I think that is why so many of us have begun retreating to our gardens for a sense of tranquility and to actually feel part of the natural environment. 

Gardening has an amazingly calming effect on our psyche; it can give us the balance we need to succeed in everyday living AND actually be happy. While any gardening is great for the soul, if you garden organically you are actually extending the “balance” beyond yourself and into the world around you. 

Organic gardening is simply better for the earth. Not surprisingly, the earth does not respond well to the over use of chemicals or unnatural substances. By gardening organically you can make sure that you are benefitting the planet rather than adding to pollution.



I think this can be taken one step further and this is by thinking about the seeds that you plant. Planting organic seeds is great, but you can actually contribute more to the environment by planting heirloom seeds. 

Biodiversity or more the destruction of biodiversity is taking a huge toll on the planet. Many types of plants are dying out altogether and this is such a travesty because each type of plant contributes in its own way to the balance of the whole planet.

Heirloom seeds are genetically diverse and have been passed from generation to generation. So by planting heirloom seeds in Toronto you can directly benefit biodiversity.